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Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 6, 2009 09:21:00 March 6, 2009 09:21:00

It’s March! Already!

At the end of the month and as a part of their Savoury Moments campaign, Dr Oetker is sponsoring a Savoury Gossip Moment – the most deliciously smutty story over the last four weeks. So much to choose from recently – and judging from your emails, you’d probably nominate Robert Pattinson’s Ebola infection at the top of the list. Or would it be the Jen/John vs Brange Oscar battle?

Starting today, please do send me your picks and check out their contest page here for your chance to win music downloads and Josh Groban concert tickets.

For February though, it’ll have to be the Beyonce Mimi Cheese encounter at the Grey Goose pre-Oscar party…because seeing it go down in person, surrounded by an entire restaurant full of people huddled around doing the same… it was one of those classic moments.

Their mouths moving at the same time, both trying to out-class the other, both pushing out their chests while balancing their respective crowns, and of course Mariah Carey’s lapdog of a husband hovering behind her…

Did I mention she spent 15 minutes chatting with B without introducing Nick? Without inviting him to be part of the conversation? While he held her coat and stood around accepting his matrimonial position behind his royal bride? IN FRONT OF A ROOM FULL OF INDUSTRY PLAYERS?

These are the smutty scenes that make us smile. Close your eyes and picture it – as her hands wave around her face, not unlike the movements she makes while she’s singing, and Beyonce trying to stifle her disdain, and the audience wishing they were both mic’ed…

Savoury, right?

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