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Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 11, 2009 06:39:00 March 11, 2009 06:39:00

Everyone I know drinks coffee. My dad drinks 6 cups a day. He lives with my mother. You must understand this. My husband can’t function without coffee. He mutters in incoherent spurts until his first sip. He needs at minimum two cups. He lives with me. You must understand this. eTalk is coffee crazy. All of them in their skinny jeans. And my mommy friends. Giving up coffee was always a lament while pregnant.

I however do not drink coffee. I am probably the only person I know well who doesn’t. This makes me an outcast because I never need to go to the coffee shop. The best office gossip is always heard at the coffee shop. You know who you are. But coffee, it messes with my head. I’m already neurotic and high strung.

Me, however, I’m in the minority. Coffee is thriving. And if you don’t drink Second Cup coffee already, they want to challenge you to try their brew and are making it easy. For those of you who don’t turn into a freak when you drink coffee and make a cup a morning must, Second Cup is giving away four (4) $25.00 Second Cup Cafe Cards. If you’re interested send a note to [email protected] with Second Cup Coffee as the title before midnight pacific on Friday, March 13, 2009. Standard terms apply. Four winners will be picked. Good luck!

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