Spns’d Tingles: Showcase His and Her Blockbusters

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Showcase is running His & Hers blockbusters every weekend in May on Action and Showcase Diva. There are titles for “him,” titles for "her" and titles couples can watch together. And their street teams will keep you well fed as you watch. More on that below.

This week it’s 27 Dresses May 8 at 9pm on Showcase Diva and I Am Legend May 9 at 9pm on Action.

Knocked Up
was an ensemble effort. And it was Judd Apatow. So even though the ungrateful Katherine Heigl decided to spit on the film afterwards, it really did establish her film potential. Then 27 Dresses solidified her film career. 27 Dresses was all Heigl, all responsibility, and it opened in 2nd place at the box office with a total domestic take of over $23 million. Impressive. And it gave her those grandiose ideas, it pretty much opened the exit door to her leaving Grey’s Anatomy. On an unrelated note 27 Dresses also provided James Marsden with the opportunity to NOT be the guy who gets left behind. For once.

This is the Ungrateful Princess of AssTalk leaving a meeting on Monday and photos are also attached from last Friday of her shopping with her baby Naleigh. As mentioned a few weeks ago, her hair is dark because she’s playing Stephanie Plum in the film adaptation of the Janet Evanovich novels. Many of you have written to express dismay about the casting choice. I’ll take your word for it as I’ve never read them.

Will Smith always calls himself the King of the 4th of July. Because so many of his movies open so HUGE on Independence Day. But I Am Legend was a December release. And it was pretty much the same result. Massive box office. And decent reviews too. Most people I know who’ve seen it really enjoyed it. I confess... I have not. Because, well, I am afraid to find out what happens to the dog. German Shepherds are so cute, and that dog was so cute, and that dog was probably the greatest friend ever, and I know ... I’ve seen enough movies to know that I don’t want to know about the dog. Which is why it’s the only Will Smith movie I’ve not seen in his 15 year movie career.

But he’s a proper Movie Star, non?

Will Smith makes some great movies and he makes some bad movies. But I watch them all anyway. Because he’s Will Smith. Because he is infinitely watchable. And it’s been 2 years now since he’s been watched at the movies. He’s taking time off so that his kids can make movies instead, and some other undercover business that he’s terribly stealthy at dealing with. So it’ll be another year before we see him in MIB3. I miss him. In many ways.

So what about this ‘food’? Watch for the Showcase street teams located at Union Station and Yonge & Bloor every Friday from 3-6pm (May 7, 14 and 21) handing out free packages of popcorn to enjoy with your Action and Showcase Diva weekend movie lineup. There will be a different third location each Friday:

1) Yonge & Eglington – May 7
2) Queen & John/Spadina – May 14
3) Danforth & Pape – May 21

And again, remember to tune in to 27 Dresses on Showcase Diva May 8 at 9pm and I Am Legend on Action May 9 at 9pm.

Photos from Wenn.com

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