Spons’d Tingles: The 2010 CosmoTV Bachelor Search

Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 2, 2009 11:50:55 September 2, 2009 11:50:55

CosmoTV is running its annual Bachelor Search. Starting today through Friday, October 2, interested contestants can fill out a form online at http://bachelor.cosmotv.ca/Main.aspx and submit a photo and video showing Canada why they deserve to be voted Canada’s top Clooney/DiCaprio… Pattinson? Snort. Can you imagine if half the entries included photos of dudes with their mouths open? I die.

This is last year’s winner Jeff (first picture).

If it was up to me it would my friend Dean. Even if Jacek was single, it would be my friend Dean. Jacek is handsome, sure, but Jacek also once took a girl on a date to McDonald’s. A story for another day.

Today it’s about Dean. I love Dean so much. And while he would never allow himself to be considered, all of us, anyone who knows him, would all lineup outside, in heels and rain, for hours to support him.

It’s not just that Dean is so heartbreakingly beautiful. It’s not just that Dean is obsessed with Martika. It’s not just that he’s a total original who cannot be slotted into a lame ass stylebox definition (hipster/banker/wanker/artist/whatever,). It’s not just that he’s one of the precious few who can wear a hockey mullet with sailor shorts and chucks and still make it quiver. It’s not just that he’s happy to talk Harry Potter, and the mating habits of sockeye salmon, and drop a Yeezy lyric back to back to back.

It’s all of these things. Smushed together in one gorgeous package called Dean, interesting and interested and kind and sweet and bitchy and temperamental and imaginative and funny and smart.

We spent the whole sunny day together here in Vancouver a couple of months ago. Now that was a date. How lucky was I to go on a date with Dean?

Do you have a Dean in your life?

That’s the kind of guy who should win CosmoTV’s Bachelor Search, non?

To enter click here. You can also access the video submissions and rate the candidates as they come in starting today.

The Top 12 will be featured in a Bachelor Search tv special, and the winning Bachelor will be named top Canadian CosmoTV Bachelor with a spotlight on an episode of Oh So Cosmo with Josie Dye. Don’t lie. Boys want to be on television just as much as girls do.

But you’re lucky my Dean won’t enter. Because please. There would be no contest.

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