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Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 6, 2009 08:10:46 November 6, 2009 08:10:46

W Network’s TripleFlix movie event is back tomorrow (and of course every Saturday this fall). Three blockbuster movies back to back to back with a premiere movie in the 9pm E/P slot. Tomorrow (Saturday, November 7th) it’s The Nanny Diaries at 9pm E/P starring Scarlett Johansson, Laura Linney, and Alicia Keys.

"The Nanny Diaries" is to high-class childcare what "The Devil Wears Prada" was to high fashion – this according to Variety and if you’ve read the book, you might agree when I say that the book Nanny is superior to the book Devil. But while Laura Linney’s Mrs X of course is no match for Meryl Streep’s Miranda Priestley, Linney is never not good. Even in lighter films, her performances are always so heartbreakingly and sometimes uncomfortably authentic it’s hard to believe she’s so underrated. And then when she’s working with Paul Giammatti…well no wonder they keep costarring together. They’re wonderful.

As for Scarlett Johansson…

They made her hair brown and tried to play like she’s “mousy”. You’ll see when you watch it however that this girl is anything but mousy. And she can’t help but exude sensuality.

Attached – set photos of Nanny Diaries filming in New York in April 2006.

The Nanny Diaries premieres Saturday, November 7th at 9pm E/P on W Network. Click here for more info.

Photos from Wenn.com

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