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Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 18, 2009 07:36:33 June 18, 2009 07:36:33

It’d be easy to name someone like Charlize Theron. Her legs are ridiculously beautiful. It’s a genetic blessing. Beautiful is one thing. But relatable is another. And for a short sometimes stumpy Asia girl like me, who will never be an amazon, it’s about relatability – illusory or not.

Beyonce’s legs are tight. Sometimes tighter than other times. When B’s on vacation, when she’s not touring, when she’s relaxing on the yacht in the French Riviera with Jay-Z, B softens up a little. It’s soft and still sweet, but it’s not crazy rock hard the way they are now while she’s pounding out several litres of sweat every night on stage.

And this is the point.

We all let go once in a while. And then we turn it back up for an occasion. I will always giv’er before the Oscars, and the Junos, and I usually try to detox and train hard the entire month of August before TIFF. After TIFF, around my birthday, please, it’s burgers and beers every night.

I would like to believe B is the same. This is why her legs are the best. Because they seem real.

Like you don’t need to squint too hard to try to believe yours can be the same. Or almost the same. I mean, you already know she doubles on Spanx. And given the time, with the right exercises, with the proper motivation, with patience, and reasonable goals, it’s not entirely impossible. It’s not Charlize Theron.

Love Beyonce’s. She’s my Leg Icon.

On the style front however…


No thank you Tina Knowles.

PS. While writing this I’ve had Crazy In Love on repeat. Still the hypest Beyonce song ever. How can you stay seated when you hear it? Did I mention I do a great Beyonce imitation? Maybe at the Smut Soiree.

That wraps it up! Monica Cruz retained the lead in your votes since week 3. Will B take over?  Click here to see the look and vote.

Big thanks to Gillette for their support. If you missed any of the previous weeks flip back in the pages of the Venus Embrace Look Book to take it all in.

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