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Each week for the next 8 weeks, we’re helping our friends at P&G/Gillette explore celebrity style - specifically how their looks change from daytime to evening. Each week we will select a new photo set of a sexy celeb and contrast it with what she wore during the daytime or evening in the past, depending on which time of day it was taken. Gillette Venus Embrace’s “Day to Night Goddess Look Book” will feature the whole look and its components, and will be updated weekly. Be sure to check in often.

Our first styling goddess – and this is not a generic choice – is Chloe Sevigny. Inspired by a reader called Lorela who saw the photos posted of Chloe from the Chloe boutique opening in LA and posited that she has the best legs in Hollywood. This is a fighting statement. It prompted me to investigate. And while I think the moniker of Best Legs in Hollywood is still up for debate, there is no question that Chloe’s legs are amazing.

They’re long, and they’re thin, yes, but not too thin, and not the kind of thin that comes about unnaturally, nor do they look over pumped like she spends hours in the gym, and anyway she’s one of those girls who doesn’t seem like she’d ever spend hours in a gym to begin with. Chloe would probably consider spending hours in a gym pedestrian and mainstream. And as you know, hello Vincent Gallo, Chloe Sevigny is not mainstream.

Which is why her style is not for everyone. Her style is oftentimes out to lunch. But the point is: it’s Her Style. Day or night, Chloe Sevigny doesn’t want to dress like anyone else. Love this.

Chloe on the beach in Miami in a plain black bikini with grey shorts. Actually rather tame for Chloe but with legs like hers, why fuss it up with busy beachwear?

And check out Chloe during Big Love’s evening presentation PaleyFest ’09 in animal print under grandma’s modified church suit, super shorted to show off those bare thighs, in nudey grey strappy wedges that could cut others off at the danger cankle spot but this is obviously not a problem for her.

Isn’t this so much more interesting to look at than a black strapless dress? Even if you wouldn’t wear it?

To see the look, click here to jump to our Venus Embrace Look Book.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com and Gettyimages.com

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