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Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 1, 2009 20:13:16 September 1, 2009 20:13:16

W Network is promoting a great line up of shows featuring their Experts – focused on improvement: home, food, bank account, self. Shows including Divine Design, Style by Jury, Eat Yourself Sexy, and Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag air every Monday to Thursday starting at 8:30pm E/P.

If there was a Gossip Expert Category, or a How to Hunt Down a Homewrecker in Chinatown Specialist that was needed, my mother could totally have her own show.

Unfortunately, they’ve not yet approached my mother with a tv concept that follows her and her mah-jong playing hens tracking cheating loins and exposing them in between rounds at the casino. We are waiting. But the demand seems to be for something else.

Most people these days look to the television for help on their gardens, their living rooms, paint colours, wallpaper, diet, clothes, hair, makeup, and household budgeting. This is why GOOP has become so successful. You may say you hate her but can you look away?


Every time there’s a menu or a photo of a new couch or a new cleanse, you can’t help yourself.

W brings viewers a variety of programmes to help you “nourish the inner aspect” without the condescension of the GOOP. The W Experts line up features Divine Design with Candice Olson, who can turn any boring space into something you will desperately want photographed for a magazine Admit it. While you were eying those end tables, you were imagining the reaction at your next dinner party, non?

What to wear for the dinner party? Hello Style By Jury. Because you want to look as great as those end tables. And someone should tell you, kindly, that the mom jeans will not go well with your new, impressive coffee table.

As for what you’re serving …

Anna & Kristina’s Grocery Bag helps weed out the faulty recipes from the fresh ones so that you’re not midway through a dry chicken before discovering the flavour sucks.

And finally…

For what happens next…

Eat Yourself Sexy with Gillian McKeith – what to eat to enhance your sex life. Which foods made you horny? Like Maryann on True Blood. Except without the devil worship.

All this without the judginess of Gwyneth Paltrow.

For great tips and excellent advice catch the W Experts every Monday to Thursday starting at 8:30pm on W Network. Click here for more.

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