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Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 5, 2008 07:42:00 October 5, 2008 07:42:00

Dove's interactive romantic comedy Waking Up Hannah has launched!

My Hannah has amazing shoes. Not sure what this means but my Hannah also drops her phone inside a toddler trainer potty. Like even the universe knows about my frozen womb. Ironically enough, my Hannah says no to working on Saturday. Clearly I'm not Hannah, though there is a point. At what point does it stop? Gossip never goes on holiday but it's the reason smut rests, usually, on the weekends.

Am now curious about the other versions. But is it allowed? Did you ever read those books in grade school where you get to choose the ending among 2 or 3 options? I had a teacher who said that it was against the rules to go back and find out what happens if you pick a different conclusion. Everyone else cheated but I was a typical Asian student back then, before the corruption of Grade 7. I never ever explored the alternatives.

This might be why I can never make a decision anymore at a restaurant. Like I'm afraid if I pick the ribs then I'll regret not tasting the steak. It makes dining out the most frustrating experience, especially for my husband.
Because inevitably he is obliged to choose what I don’t. Either that or be forced to eat opposite a neurotic freak who keeps wondering about the entrée not chosen.

Anyway, am still debating about Hannah's day version 2.0. Or you could tell me what your Hannah ends up doing.

See what I mean about those pink soles?

Click here to watch and play Waking Up Hannah. And don’t forget to browse through her phone… Like those hidden bonuses on JK Rowling’s website, only MUCH easier to crack!

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