Sponsored Tingles: Waking Up Hannah

Lainey Posted by Lainey at October 4, 2008 08:24:05 October 4, 2008 08:24:05

Sure...this is a sponsored piece. And you are welcome to skip over it because you're not feeling it. But there's a lot of talk these days about women and body image and the product messaging that damages the collective female psyche which is why Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty was so widely acclaimed a few years ago.

And Dove is back again with an innovative campaign to celebrate women - women who are beautiful in every shape and size - and to honour the varied lives they lead.

It's Dove's first ever interactive romantic comedy: Waking Up Hannah. Kinda like Sliding Doors, only Hannah is not Gwyneth. Hannah has a normal body.
Like totally normal. How refreshing to see a woman in a commercial with a normal body! Check it out for that alone...although there's more.

Hannah has a bitchy sister who belongs to the new mommy cult, an ass for a boss, a cell phone, and a blind date. Hannah's day unfolds at your fingertips, only it's not two trains she's choosing from. See for yourself when the site launches tomorrow.

This is your alternative to those anorexic little twats on 90210. Enjoy!

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