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The end of the year is near and Wind Mobile has stepped in to sponsor a year-end wrap for us: who’s been naughty and who’s been nice in 2010. In the world of celebrity, you know there’s plenty of each to pull from. Lilo? Ashton? Mel? And on the other side... Marion? LipGloss? Gosling? We’ll alternate between Naughty and Nice each time.

So let’s start things off with a little naughty and rewind to September. Star Magazine jumped all over Ashton Kutcher for cheating on Demi Moore with a 21 year old. He threatened to sue – on Twitter! – and Demi stood by her man. Then the Alleged Other Woman shared some text messages, supposedly from Ashton, and he asked his lawyer to release a statement but still no lawsuit was forthcoming.

In the meantime, the (un)happily married couple posted photos of themselves in bed, in bikinis, and appeared in public together with his hand strategically placed on her knee, as if to suggest that he wouldn’t need to stray since his wife is everything he needs, spiritually and sexually.

Now the Kutchers have launched a new campaign – in partnership with the founders of Twitter and Google – called the DNA Foundation (get it? Demi and Ashton?) to advocate against online human trafficking. Said Ashton:

"The truth is slavery globally is a dirty little secret. It is happening everywhere, right in front of our eyes and we ignore it. There are more slaves in the world today than ever before in world history. (It is happening) behind the closed doors of the Internet. Behind those closed doors you can make a purchase on the Internet and feel completely anonymous."

Their foundation seeks to support web tools that block the practice and help investigators track the offenders.

Well that’s a great way to balance out the badness, non?


What’s your call? Ashton Kutcher: naughty or nice?

This is the first of 5 posts over the next 5 weeks and I’m thinking it will be more fun to do 3 naughty and 2 nice. So send me your ideas. Who’s been naughty? Who’s been nice? Looking forward to your emails. And check out Wind Mobile’s Facebook page here.

Here’s Ashton with Demi at a speaking engagement at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime in New York earlier this month.

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Wind Mobile Naughty or Nice

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