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As we told you last week, we’ve partnered with Wind Mobile to bring you a year-end wrap of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice in 2010. There are many candidates on both sides. Last week we started with naughty and featured Ashton Kutcher and the cheating allegations. Click here if you missed it.

This week it’s about nice and we go to …

Sandra Bullock.

It should be a no-brainer, right?

Her husband embarrassed her, like, 5 minutes after she won her Oscar. But Sandy B was all class, the standard bearer of dignity through infidelity, and became America’s even more beloved Sweetheart, soaring to an almost unprecedented level of popularity, especially in the new age of gossip. She also continued her philanthropic activities in Louisiana in her signature, not-in-your-face gratuitous way.

Sandy, obviously, is true through and through. But don’t forget, Sandy also knows how to play.

And remember, Sandy played the best hand of any celebrity all year.


She hid a baby during awards season. She hid a baby during the most tumultuous, publicly scrutinized time in her life. She hid a baby when paps were following her around the clock.


You need great friends to hide a baby. But you also need to know the game. And how to manipulate the game. Sandy does and did. And she also proved, to my great delight, that any celebrity who complains about unwanted attention is essentially full of balls. I wonder if the rest of them resent her for that.

This is the second of 7 posts over the next few weeks. So send me your ideas. Who’s been naughty? Who’s been nice? Looking forward to your emails. And check out Wind Mobile’s Facebook page here.

Here's Sandra heading home after a meeting earlier this month.

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