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We’re switching back over to NICE this week in our WIND Mobile Naughty or Nice feature. We’ve had Ashton and Daniel Craig in the naughty category and Sandy Bullock as our first nice in 2010. Click here to catch up on all the previous articles.

So who else was nice in 2010? Definitely my girl Emma Stone. I’ve been hyping Emma Stone for a long time. And this year Emma Stone lived up to it. This was also the year she inadvertently made Lindsay Lohan completely irrelevant.

Emma covered Vanity Fair’s Hollywood Issue, named to the Class of 2010. She was adorable in the indie feature Paper Man alongside Jeff Daniels. She shot Crazy Stupid Love, handpicked by Steve Carell, costarring Ryan Gosling and Julianne Moore. She also took on the role of Skeeter Phelan in the highly anticipated big screen adaptation of bestselling novel The Help hitting theatres in 2011. Then of course there was Easy A.

Oh yeah…

She also beat out every other young actress in Hollywood to become Spider-Man’s new leading lady Gwen Stacy in the new reboot of the franchise. So… yeah… this year didn’t suck.

We’re doing this all the way through December so send me your ideas. Who’s been naughty? Who’s been nice? Looking forward to your emails. And check out WIND Mobile’s Facebook page here.

Also attached: Emma at Trevor Live Benefiting The Trevor Project in Hollywood a few days ago, at the MTV Video Music Awards, the Easy A premiere in LA in September, and in NY at Letterman in October.

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