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We’ve had Ashton and Daniel Craig in the naughty category and Sandy Bullock and Emma Stone as our two nice girls of 2010. Click here to catch up on all those previous articles. So who was the Naughtiest of 2010?

Do we have to talk about Mel Gibson?

Because I’d rather dump on Justin Timberlake.

JT, the actor, finally had his breakthrough year thanks to David Fincher and the considerable talents of Jesse Eisenberg and Andrew Garfield. So he’s all like – I’m a thespian now, I’m all about the character development. I totally made that movie. I totally make ever movie…

As Boo Boo in Yogi Bear?

Well, that might be a little unfair. After all, Justin has worked steadily, much more steadily than his honey, all year in front of the camera and not making a music video. First it was a comedy called Bad Teacher with his ex gf Cameron Diaz, then another comedy about friends with sex benefits with Mila Kunis, and now a thriller with Amanda Seyfried.

Surrounded by attractive colleagues, but Jussy is totally faithful, right?


Us Weekly blew that up with a report just as he was trying to launch an Oscar campaign that he had cheated on Jessica Biel with Olivia Munn. He denied but strangely enough, Olivia’s response was much, much more vague. In fact, she’s never outright denied it. And… did you know they still text? Bad Santa gives great gifts for that kind of behaviour.

Thank you all for your suggestions over the last few weeks and thanks to WIND for sponsoring this feature. Of course WIND isn’t finished here. The phone giveaways continue right through December 24th, so keep an eye on my Twitter for your chance to win. And check out Wind Mobile’s Facebook page here.

Attached: Justin Timberlake with Amanda Seyfried on the set of NOW earlier today.

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