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Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 22, 2010 07:19:54 December 22, 2010 07:19:54

It’s our last Naughty or Nice feature and it only feels right to sign off at this festive time of year with a Nice. We’ve had Ashton, Daniel Craig and JT in the naughty category and Sandy Bullock and Emma Stone as our two nice girls of 2010. Click here to catch up on all those previous articles. So who was the Nicest of 2010?

How could it NOT be Jon Hamm? Would you forgive me if it wasn’t Jon Hamm? Jon Hamm is paid less than … that kid on Two and a Half Men. But he fronts one of the most high quality shows on television, dabbles in comedy when he’s not chronically philandering and smoking and drinking on Mad Men, is one of the favoured hosts of Saturday Night Live, and hangs out with Tina Fey…with an open invitation to 30 Rock any time he wants.

In 2010, Jon Hamm did not mess around on his longtime love Jennifer Westfeldt, he came to Vancouver to hang out at the Olympics and get his hockey fix, worked on a girl power futuristic action movie (Sucker Punch), played against type in The Town, and humbly went about his way…

My own personal anecdote – I was introduced to Jon Hamm (by Michael Buble, yes please roll your eyes because this is SO obnoxious, I hear you) at the Olympics at a party. There’s me, a stranger, thrust before him by Michael, who introduces me as “this is Lainey, she blogs and she loves you”, and Jon Hamm couldn’t have been more natural and at ease with his reaction, understanding the weirdness of the situation. I could have been a crazy horny stalker.

We shook hands. We spoke briefly. He is as handsome and charming and gracious as you want to believe. And he was leaning, with a beer in his hand, a cap on his head, and the way he carried his body was… well… perfect.

Jon Hamm wasn’t THE Sexiest Man Alive according to People, no. But it really, REALLY doesn’t get much better, or NICER.

A selection of photos of Hamm from 2010 is attached. Enjoy.

Thank you all for your suggestions over the last few weeks and thanks to WIND for sponsoring this feature. Of course WIND isn’t finished here. The phone giveaways continue right through December 24th, so keep an eye on my Twitter for your chance to win. And check out Wind Mobile’s Facebook page here.

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