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Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 1, 2009 08:31:00 September 1, 2009 08:31:00

I’m off to Toronto next week to cover TIFF for the 4th time for etalk. 10 days of carpets, junkets, and, of course, parties! Can’t wait!

This means wall to wall festival coverage for you here on LaineyGossip (and a smutty opportunity…see below for details). Once again this year we are working with P&G Beauty as our coverage sponsor for red carpet recaps, movie reviews and previews, fashion hits and misses, party coverage, and the rest of the smutty happenings at the festival.

P&G Beauty is also the official beauty sponsor for the Toronto International Film Festival with its “GET UP CLOSE” campaign. P&G Beauty brands sponsoring the festival include Cover Girl, (official cosmetics sponsor), Pantene Pro-V (official hair care sponsor), Olay (official skin care sponsor) Gillette (official men’s care sponsor) and Crest Whitestrips (official smile sponsor). Cover Girl, Pantene and Gillette are also the sponsoring brands for the “Festival Portrait Studio,” where celebrities and their guests will receive touch-ups before their appearances on the red carpet and pressers.

Two years ago, during the Brange Riots in Yorkville, some lady held her baby up to their SUV window and begged them to bless it. That was also the year Joaquin Phoenix fell off the Freebie 5 forever because he couldn’t keep his head straight after a night of hard living.

Emma Thompson stuck her head out of the top of a limo in 2006 to wave to fans. Love her so much.

TIFF is The Best. But it’s also the most exhausting because I’m pulling double duty. Here’s how my days usually break down – and there’s a point to this, I’m coming to it:

- Wake up at 6am
- Blog until 10am
- Makeup and hair: 1 hour
- Blog for another hour
- Shoot show links: 60 – 90 minutes
- Junket prep and interview (on some days)
- Shoot features (on other days)
- Blog for 2 more hours
- Try to squeeze in a work out
- Prep for red carpet: go over questions with producer, review film etc
- Blog for another hour
- Head down to red carpet at least 45 minutes before it starts
- Wait for celebrities
- Interview celebrities
- Head over to next gala (on some nights)
- Wait for celebrities
- Interview celebrities
- Meet up with party producer
- Head over to party red carpet
- Wait for celebrities
- Interview celebrities
- Party
- Vodka
- Stumble home before dawn
- Rinse and repeat

This does not include the amount of time spent with the girls, in our rooms, debriefing on the day’s intrigue, trying on each other’s clothes, talking smack, and gorging on room service.

This year etalk is providing even more coverage than ever before. Which means we’ll be busier than ever before.

Which means I need help.

I need a BFF for the festival and P&G Beauty is helping me find one.

This person will be helping me blog, writing (at minimum) 3 posts during the festival, with the opportunity to showcase his/her own smutty stylings on LaineyGossip.com, guest writing for readers around the world. You can do this from anywhere, you don’t necessarily have to be in Toronto. But you do have to have your own snark, your own voice.

If that means you want to trash my favourites, go ahead. I won’t censor you, you can giv’er on Gwyneth as much as you want. But it has to be good.

In addition to publishing your writing on LaineyGossip.com, you will also receive a very generous product basket from P&G Beauty and something special from me. I give GREAT gifts.

If you’re up for the challenge, please READ CAREFULLY. It would suck if you messed up the instructions, non?

Please submit a writing sample – celebrity gossip is your subject and I beg you, keep it to 200 – 300 words. Most importantly, it must be fun to read.

The deadline is midnight Pacific on Friday, September 4th (2009).

Note: this is a much longer deadline than you’ll have if you are the successful candidate. Blogging is fast paced. Working quickly and efficiently is essential.

Please send your writing sample to: [email protected] with the title “Get Up Close”. Attach pictures if you like but make sure they’re not more than 500K in size total.

I’ll select the winner and announce it on September 8th. We’ll post the winner’s submission next week,

Good luck! Can’t wait to read you!

This could be the beginning…

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