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Lainey Posted by Lainey at September 5, 2012 15:01:35 September 5, 2012 15:01:35

Our skinnygrape SKINNY on upcoming stars continues this week.  skinnygrape wine launched in Canada in May, offering two great wines with only 80 calories per five ounce serving.  And to celebrate we’re featuring a series of Hollywood actresses (hopefully) coming in to their time. Click here if you’ve missed them and need to catch up. 

More on the wines and an amazing contest below, but now it’s on to our next star.

When we left off two weeks ago, I talked about Zoe Kazan of the newly released Ruby Sparks.  This week it’s Emily Browning.

I keep waiting for Emily Browning, just like Juno Temple who she happened to work with in Magic Magic. Temple was the subject of the first skinnygrape profile and has also been flirting with being “on the verge” for a while. Last year Browning’s Sleeping Beauty was one of the more controversial entries at the Cannes Film Festival. It was a role that required her to be unclothed for most of the film, which, um, is how she paid her tuition. This followed Sucker Punch, initially met with optimism at Comic-Con in 2010 but failed to elicit the fist-pump response that director Zack Snyder had been hoping for.

Browning however seems drown to the unconventional and deliberately dark. Magic Magic, with Juno Temple, is about a girl (Temple) losing her mind in Chile, and she’s apparently now working on another project about a female songwriter in a mental hospital. I’m most looking forward to seeing her in Summer In February which wrapped earlier this year in which she plays the woman in the middle of a love struggle between two artists (Dominic Cooper and Dan Stevens aka Matthew Crawley) at an Edwardian art colony. Please. It sounds all kinds of British and pretentious and... perfect. Curiously Browning was supposedly Stephenie Meyer’s choice to play Bella Swan and was asked to audition but declined citing exhaustion having worked back to back to back. She’s now shooting a movie with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke starring two Twilight alumni Cam Gigandet and Xavier Samuel called Plush. Without any knowledge of the script aside from a rather generic synopsis, and based only on gut, I feel like this might be a mistake...

As for her love life, according to British gossips, Browning and Max Irons (who also starred in a Catherine Hardwicke movie that went nowhere) broke up last month after dating for a couple of years. What would we call it if Browning, the almost Bella, ended up with Robert Pattinson?

Now about this contest!

It’s “You, Me and the SKINNY on Hollywood”! skinnygrape will put you and a friend on a plane, fly you to Toronto OR Vancouver (whichever you prefer), and put you up in a swanky hotel for two nights.  Then it’s time to give you the skinny on the world of Smut as we enjoy a wine tasting over dinner.

Contest runs through September 16, 2012. The entry form, full contest details and links to rules/eligibility are here. Limit one entry per person per day, but you can enter every day until the contest end date if you like.  And I want you, hardcore gossips, to enter often!! Good luck!!

About skinnygrape

At only 80 calories per five ounce serving, skinnygrape allows Canadians to have their wine and drink it too! Available in Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio, skinnygrape is produced by Roundpetal Wines, for Andrew Peller Limited.  No chemical enhancements were made to achieve the 80 calories per serving in the wine. This is because the cooler climates where the grapes are grown result in lower sugar content at harvest; lower sugar at harvest results in lower alcohol percentages after fermentation, which results in fewer calories. Cooler climates, like Ontario and Northern Italy, where the grapes for skinnygrape are grown, provide the perfect setting for cultivating full flavour wines that have 80 calories per five ounce serving. Both styles pair beautifully with your favourite foods and make a great indulgence.

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