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As I mentioned last week, skinnygrape wine launched in Canada in May -- two great wines with only 80 calories per five ounce serving.  You can drink up without feeling like you’re going to expand at the same time.  More on the wines and an amazing contest below… 

To help kick off the launch, we’re featuring a series of Hollywood actresses on the verge of breaking out.   Last week it was Juno Temple, hot off her role in the The Dark Knight Rises.  This week it’s Zoe Kazan.  For Zoe, I guess it’s the family business. She comes from a long line of artists, including Elia Kazan, her grandfather. (OMG can you imagine watching On The Waterfront and feeling some of that in your DNA?)

Zoe can do all of it. She is comfortable on stage. She’s a scene-stealer in film. She writes - plays and screenplays, and can currently be seen in Ruby Sparks, from her own script, co-starring her boyfriend Paul Dano which means she has great taste in men and I love them together and if it’s not too much pressure, I hope they never break up! They were together at the Locarno Film Festival a few weeks ago and I’m also attaching shots of her in Toronto last week shooting The F Word with Daniel Radcliffe.

Now about this contest!

It’s “You, Me and the SKINNY on Hollywood”! skinnygrape will put you and a friend on a plane, fly you to Toronto OR Vancouver (whichever you prefer), and put you up in a swanky hotel for two nights.  Then it’s time to give you the skinny on the world of Smut as we enjoy a wine tasting over dinner.

Contest runs today through September 16, 2012. The entry form, full contest details and links to rules/eligibility are here. Limit one entry per person per day, but you can enter every day until the contest end date if you like.  And I want you, hardcore gossips, to enter often!! Good luck!!

About skinnygrape

At only 80 calories per five ounce serving, skinnygrape allows Canadians to have their wine and drink it too! Available in Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio, skinnygrape is produced by Roundpetal Wines, for Andrew Peller Limited.  No chemical enhancements were made to achieve the 80 calories per serving in the wine. This is because the cooler climates where the grapes are grown result in lower sugar content at harvest; lower sugar at harvest results in lower alcohol percentages after fermentation, which results in fewer calories. Cooler climates, like Ontario and Northern Italy, where the grapes for skinnygrape are grown, provide the perfect setting for cultivating full flavour wines that have 80 calories per five ounce serving. Both styles pair beautifully with your favourite foods and make a great indulgence.


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