Sweat by day, drink by night

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 21, 2012 19:03:03 June 21, 2012 19:03:03

This BumpWatch obsession is making people stupid. Stacy Keibler stepped out the other day by the water in Lake Como and the wind took her tank top while the paps were shooting and suddenly everyone was wondering whether or not she was carrying George Clooney’s baby.


Have some sense!

What’s more plausible? That her blouse may simply have been loose or that George Clooney would suddenly want to be a father?

Anyway, to kill those rumours immediately, Stacy posted a photo of herself working out on her Twitter. As you can see, there is no Junior Clooney in there.

It’s one thing to fill the position of Clooney Bonafide; it’s another to be able to stay there. And in order to do so, girls like Stacy have to maintain the exterior. Which she appears to have no problem doing. That body is sick. And she’s working hard at it on holiday, sweating away at the gym by day so that at night, she can indulge in the Italian dinner.

Seems like every night they’re entertaining his guests. Last night was no exception. George and Stacy were out to dinner with yet another new group of arrivals at Villa di Clooney where Stacy tweeted she enjoyed the limoncello sorbet. Along with, I’m assuming, several cocktails. I’ve seen these two party. They like to throw it back. At TIFF they were throwing it back hard and she was matching him, not only in drink but in enthusiasm. This is not a girl who pouts by his side requiring whispers and caresses; she gets right in there, and is apparently very well liked. Even by the dog, Einstein. Here’s another shot she posted of the two of them cuddling.

Bauer, Splash

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