Oh so it’s love now, is it?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at November 21, 2011 16:08:01 November 21, 2011 16:08:01

Stacy Keibler continues to be allowed to tweet. And more and more, she’s allowed to tweet about HIM. With pictures.

How’s this?

Keibler is a Baltimore Ravens fan. George Clooney cheers for Cincinnati. They went head to head yesterday for a big AFC North showdown. Keibler and Clooney were at the game. And Stacy was eager to share that with her followers:

You kno its love when your boyfriend has elbow surgery 2 days ago and takes u to a #ravens game...especially when he's a Bengals fan.

Oh it’s love now, is it?


And her “boyfriend” even let her post a photo of him on her Twitter.


I think this might be a first for him.

Strangely enough, the photo seems to be taken down because I can’t find it anymore on her page. (I saved it just in case.) The message however, the one about love and boyfriends, it’s still there. Did she overstep? And if so, how will she be punished?

This is the problem with George’s approach though, non? You can’t give almost everything and then hold some of it back. How are they supposed to know what’s offside when he’s so generous with the rest of it? Especially - sounding like an old fart on the tv now - in this new age of social media and networking? The rules, they change all the time. He can’t keep up with the new changing rules. His style of romance and the expectations that come with it, this is antique dating in the modern world, made especially more awkward when he continues to mine from a generation that’s evolving with the trends he can’t and has no interest in engaging. So unless he picks, for a change, from his own age group, this is the challenge he’ll keep encountering.

Click here for Stacy Keibler’s Twitter.

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