Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend?

January 9, 2014 16:47:58 by Lainey


Here’s Taylor Swift on Monday at the gym. And here’s an update on her love life: Multiple sources have confirmed to me that she’s been spending time with Evan Spiegel. He’s 23. And he co-founded Snapchat. He’s currently the CEO and on the cover of FORBES.

Spiegel may or may not have turned down a $3 billion offer from Mark Zuckerberg. Click here for a snarky article about what he may or may not have said to Zuckerberg and details on their email exchanges. Tech gossip – who knew?! Well, this is what happens when millennials are running the world.

Anyway, I’m told that Taylor was at a party with Spiegel over the holidays and it was understood that they were checking each other. Nothing overt but my sources say there’s no doubt she was there with him and for him and that they’re seeing each other casually…so far. She knows how to pick them at exactly the right time, non? I like this about her. This is definitely not a backup dancer situation.

UPDATE: Taylor Swift's publicist says that while Swift was at the party, she is not dating Spiegel. My sources however stand by their side of the story. Buffet. Now you decide what you want to put on your plate.


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