The Annual Red Carpet Contest 2015

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 17, 2015 13:57:31 February 17, 2015 13:57:31

This is a tradition here at LaineyGossip. You make Oscar predictions and if you’re the first to submit your ballot with the most correct guesses, you win a designer bag…and more.

Like $500 to spend at Homesense. I bought two miniature wooden stools from Homesense last year. They’re gorgeous. And everyone always asks when they come over how I managed to luck out with two great finds. Also the kitchen mat that sits just in front of the range, printed from an old Parisian bistro menu. It’s adorable.

So are you going with Keaton over Redmayne? Boyhood over Birdman? Time to decide. Because there’s a McQueen on the line. I went shopping for it this weekend. And it didn’t take long. Look at this beautiful thing. And it comes with a skull padlock. And it’s the perfect, perfect, PERFECT size. And it will go with everything. And it will last forever. It will never not be welcome. Thirty years from now it will still be relevant.

In addition to the bag, and the $500 gift card from Homesense, if you win, you’re also getting a basket full of beauty products – skin care, eye care, makeup, etc etc etc. And a sleep mask from Agent Provocateur. And books. The gift box alone, before we factor in the Alexander McQueen, is worth almost $300. And it keeps growing.

Click here for contest rules and to enter.

Good luck!

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