Are You Duff Enough?

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Haylie Duff. Who?!

I got an email yesterday from DailyCandy about Haylie Duff’s Apple Pie Crescent Rolls.

The sister of Hilary is in the news (I was going to say back in the news, but that would imply she was in the spotlight to begin with) because she’s launching her own lifestyle brand, geared specifically towards food. Because we absolutely need another privileged person to teach us how to live more authentic and fulfilling lives, right Jessica Alba, Gwyneth Paltrow, Lauren Conrad, Tori Spelling and Alicia Silverstone? And I think we can all agree that out of these women, Haylie is the least famous–the D-list Pippa Middleton.

But when few opportunities are materializing in your career, become an authority on eating. Now I’m not saying Haylie can’t cook, or doesn’t enjoy it. Some people love to cook  (me included) but this is not an exclusively female endeavor, yet it is largely female celebrities who write cookbooks. Why?

If you are “famous” and have a nice kitchen, you are suddenly qualified to talk about nutrition, recipes, ingredients, and advise people on how to best spend their time and grocery budget.

We get it, ladies: you love kale. Your biggest indulgence is wine and cheese. You can host a dinner for 8 with ingredients sourced at the farmers market. Your greatest joy is seeing your friends gathered around the birch table you discovered at the flea market (and refurbished yourself with eco-friendly material), devouring a roast chicken that you made between Pilates class and reseeding your organic vegetable garden.

You are a hostess above all else! (Until you become a mom.)

It’s all so banal. At this point, having a cookbook is no more special than having a perfume. So how does Blake Lively, a fledgling mini Martha Stewart, feel about the lifestyle space that is increasingly being encroached upon by one-time starlets who know how to use an oven and have stainless steel appliances? Most lifestyle brands include some kind of cook/craft/be-your-best-self book, and sharing a shelf with Gwyneth is one thing, but Haylie Duff? That’s not very Connecticut.

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