Underwhelmed If That’s A Word

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The Vampire Diaries Season 4 Episode 16 recap

Well, that was less than I expected.  

Am I wrong? After watching Elena’s pain overwhelm her, then her badass walk out of the house she decided to torch, I thought the turning off of her feelings would mean she was unfeeling, but not necessarily numb to the point of …boredom.

There are, of course, hints to the contrary – the fight between her and Caroline was a long time coming, and I really do like that it was about cheerleading, because especially if you and your best friend are going to live forever, some things never change, you know? But overall I just felt like Elena going “bad” was kind of bland. Sure, she partied a little, she grabbed a few snacks (and yes, the blue-ribbon trophy was kind of a nice touch) but turning off Elena’s conscience made her rather predictable, like a Sweet Valley High novel about a girl gone bad.

Except, of course, during those last scenes with Damon, where the spark in her eye was there. I can’t wait for all these smug bastards to discover that while the sire bond may be broken, while Elena’s feelings may be turned off, chemistry is still chemistry, and she and he fit together in a way that makes it still magnetic to watch – even if it was the only thing about the episode that was truly compelling.  A notable miss – that striding out naked thing. In addition to them all having seen it before, I assume that when these guys get their bloody injuries that they have to cut each others’ clothes away all the time. Or are the injuries always conveniently in the safe zone of torso?

As for Stefan and Caroline, those two kind of deserve each other. I don’t mind Caroline overall, although she’s a whiny bore where calling Tyler over and over is concerned. But I have not fully forgiven her for being a tattletale about sex, and for being a general gosh-golly Mary Sue where Stefan the god is concerned, and I liked Elena’s dig about the sex dreams about Klaus. After all, Elena’s learned that good isn’t always and that bad has its allure. She knows Caroline could relate, if she would, but what kind of a friend leaves you to figure all that stuff out alone? Not a great one. Not your best friend. Part of the code is being real – isn’t it?

I am enjoying this show so much more now that we’ve gotten rid of the dead weight, with all due respect, RIP Jere. With the “good guys” seeming maybe-less-good and the evils (wtf, Hayley) being arguably more evil, it looks like we once again have a fair, and interesting, fight on our hands. I really wished I’d been able to see Rebecca more – she really is the one who still thinks a normal life could be attractive – but guess who I don’t miss, guys?  

Yeah, that’s right. The one who hasn’t been killed off or cut out yet. The one who ostensibly still has a purpose there, but isn’t on the show ever. Don’t miss that person. Strange, isn’t it?

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