The Walking Dead 4.15: “Claimed”

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The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 15 recap.

It’s the penultimate episode. Potential SPOILERS.

Well obviously my new favorite person is Doctor Mullet who talks about zombie dinosaurs and videogames and looks like someone said “post-apocalyptic Kenny Powers” as a character description. He appears to be mildly autistic and also racist, but he proved loyal to Glenn and Tara.

I’ve lost track of who is where on the road to Terminus. I think Maggie, Sasha and Bob are furthest ahead, with Glenn and his group behind. Tyreese and Carol and Daryl and Beth seemed pretty close in there somewhere, but both those groups have been detoured so who knows where they are. And Rick, Carl and Michonne are probably behind Glenn but ahead of the detoured groups. Right? This is like a math problem. If two trains leave Boston… This episode did answer that question, a little bit. I’m not still not sure where Rick, Carol and Daryl are in relation to each other, but Glenn and Maggie are finally reunited, and yes, Terminus is reached. But first they have to find each other on the road.

Abraham Ford wants to get back on the road to DC, but that is put aside once again for Glenn’s quest for Maggie when they find their first blood-written message from Maggie. The expression of joy on Glenn’s face is probably the purest moment of happiness anyone on the show has experienced since the first season when Rick found his family. Glenn has been run down throughout the season to the point that many of us almost don’t care about him anymore, but throughout this episode it felt like they really got him back on track. He takes charge, he stands up for Tara—he generally seems to have sh*t together. Reuniting with Maggie is an accomplishment, but so is simply stepping back into a place of personal agency and calling his own shots. The Glenn we leave in this episode is the Glenn who rescued Rick from a tank.

Speaking of Rick, like Glenn, Rick needs a little rehab. We only see a bit of his crew, and they seem relatively settled and content. We haven’t seen Rick the last several episodes but did anyone miss him? I thought the show clicked along better without him. I don’t think they’ll actually kill him off—he is ostensibly the hero—but that just shows how far they’ve ground the character down. We still have an episode left to go and he’s in clear conflict with Daryl’s new group, so maybe we’ll get to see some good old fashioned Ricktocracy thrown down in the next episode, because otherwise I think you could dispose of him altogether without affecting anything. He’s no longer the moral center of the show, he’s no longer driving the action. What, really, is Rick narratively doing for us?

And what is Daryl doing for Beth? Joe, leader of the Hunters, goes to great lengths—involving the set up and murder of one of his men—to get Daryl to stick with him, but Daryl looks edgy and ready to bolt at any moment. The Daryl of season one probably would have fallen in with the Hunters without a second thought but Daryl now has a totally different sense of self—he knows these guys are bad news, but he doesn’t have anywhere else to go. And where is Beth?! There’s been no sign of her since she was kidnapped and Daryl doesn’t seem to be looking for her. In fact, he doesn’t even mention her to the Hunters when one of them assumes he’s “lost a piece of tail”. Although that might be for the best.

The Hunters are also on the road to Terminus, by way of tracking down Rick. Joe doesn’t the place could really exist as advertised, and maybe it doesn’t, but when Glenn, Maggie, Sasha et al arrive, it sure does look nice. Flower beds, vegetable plots (Rick will be so happy), a BARBECUE—Terminus has everything! It’s clean, well maintained, and that barbecue is manned by a friendly looking hippie woman named Mary. Given Woodbury, though, it’s hard to trust first appearances. There are three options at Terminus: 1) It is as peaceful and safe as it seems, 2) it’s a creepy cult like Woodbury, or 3) even if it is safe, Rick will bring chaos in his wake.

It occurs to me that Rick is actually a harbinger of doom. Everywhere he goes, death and destruction follow. Now that would be an interesting tack to take with the character—make him the Loki of the show.

Status Check:
Glenn & Maggie – Reunited!
Daryl – Not looking for Beth, apparently.
Rick – Agent of chaos.
Joe – A better Governor than the Governor.
Tara – Clean slate, thanks to Glenn.

Worst thing seen/heard this episode: On the whole, not a graphic episode, so I’ll go with the barbwire fence zombie.

Zombie kill of the week: Abraham Ford to the head with a knife/mini-van combo.

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