The Walking Dead 4.11: “We got some miles to go”

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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 11 recap

The writers finally figured out that in order for Michonne to be compelling—and not just cool—they needed to let her talk. They tried to do the strong, silent thing for a while, and while that might work in a movie, where you only have to live with a character for a few hours, on a TV show eventually you have to give the audience something to work with. So this episode involved Michonne actually talking, opening up about her son and being more accessible to both Carl and the viewers. The good news is she’s even more likeable for it. The bad news is her scene partner is Carl, which is awful. Because he’s awful. At least psycho Lizzie is interesting. Carl is just the worst.

Michonne and Carl go off to forage while Rick, who looks considerably better given that it’s only been a couple days since the Governor beat him to a pulp, stays behind to keep resting. Carl demands his gun and Rick gives it to him because Carl is the worst and every bad thing that happens to Rick in this episode is ultimately Carl’s fault. And bad things do happen to him—he has to watch someone be killed! And then kill someone else himself!—because other survivors enter the house looking for supplies of their own. Only they’re nuts, so they spend all their time killing each other and talking about how they’re going to rape “the woman” when she comes back to the house.

I wish the editing for this episode was different because the Rick scenes were already pretty tense but would have been ten times more effective if viewed as a cohesive segment and that tension could build steadily instead of being truncated every three minutes in order to cut to another scene. Especially since nothing else going on in the episode could match the suspense of Rick’s “trapped under the bed” plot. Rick is always at his best when he’s doing stuff (and not like, farming), and even though he was stuck under a bed for a while, his entire storyline this episode was about him engineering his escape and there was no time for talking or farming or any other Rick-like bullsh*t.

Carl and Michonne, meanwhile, plunder other houses in the (extremely pretty) neighborhood. Michonne enjoys a can of Crazy Cheese while she and Carl bond over memories of her dead son and Judith, who is still dead to Carl. I did not find their segment interesting except for the part where Michonne discovers a family murder-suicided in a little girl’s bedroom. It’s hard on her, especially as she had just been reminiscing about her own dead child (THANKS A LOT, CARL), but it’s one of those fascinating/disturbing peeks into what’s been going on with other people while we’ve been watching Rick & Co. (I also have a lot of questions about how the family did this, because my morbidity knows no bounds. What was the, shall we say, pecking order?)

We also caught up with Glenn and Tara, and our newcomers, Abraham Ford, Rosita and Eugene the mulleted scientist. Abraham claims they’ve been in touch with people in Washington, DC via satellite phone and that Eugene knows what caused the zombies to rise. Except no one’s been answering the phone in DC, so they’re going to check it out, and that whole story is extremely fishy. Abraham comes across as a pretty straightforward, career-military hardass, so I don’t think he’s lying, but I’m not sure I trust Eugene. I laughed at the blunt way he told Abraham he’s smarter than him, but I’m going to need more info before I’m on board with this whole DC thing.

For the time being, though, they’re doubling back to look for Maggie. Glenn doesn’t give a sh*t about saving humanity, he just wants to find his wife. Abraham tries to stop him, and they fight, which naturally attracts a zombie horde. Eugene is hilariously bad with guns so he ends up shooting out the truck’s gas tank while fending off zombies (…fishy?). With their truck done for, they have no option but to walk, and since Glenn and Tara are heading back a way that, as Eugene says, they know is clear, Abraham & Co. follow. At least until they find a working car.

Rick, Michonne and Carl end up fleeing the house before they have to directly confront the other survivors. Somehow they end up on the train tracks and find the sign for Terminus. We now have two groups stumbling around in the woods and two on the road to Terminus. Only a matter of time till the others catch up. I kind of can’t wait for Rick and Abraham to meet.

Status Check:
Rick – Wily. Seriously, that’s his defining trait at this point.
Michonne – Has interesting taste.
Carl – Is the worst.
Abraham – Strangely optimistic.
Glenn – You stay alive, no matter what occurs! I will find you!

Worst thing seen/heard this episode: The murder-suicide family.

Zombie kill of the week: Abraham with a gun butt to the head.

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