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The Walking Dead 4.3: “We’ve all got jobs to do”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 28, 2013 13:09:29 October 28, 2013 13:09:29
Courtesy AMC

The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 3. Life at the prison is falling apart. Right away we learn that Rick did not, in fact, have anything to do with Karen and the other guy’s mysterious deaths. So someone else killed them and burned the bodies, and Tyrese is on a rampage Full Story

The Walking Dead 4.2: “You have to become strong”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 21, 2013 13:14:51 October 21, 2013 13:14:51

The Walking Dead, Season 4 Episode 2 recap. Before we get into this week’s recap, we have some very important Walking Dead-adjacent news to discuss. Mainly—why did no one tell me Andrew Lincoln’s real last name is Clutterbuck?! This Full Story

The Walking Dead 4.1: “You don’t get to come back”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 14, 2013 13:59:55 October 14, 2013 13:59:55

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 1 recap We’re embarking a new season of The Walking Dead, the first one that is Horrible Lori-free, and we’ve also disposed of Andrea who, like this show itself, never lived up to her potential but was sucky and annoying. The show has considerable ground to make up after three seasons of literal stumbling around in the wilderness, searching for a point, but there’s reason to hope Full Story

Walking Dead and back again

Sarah Posted by Sarah at October 11, 2013 16:09:31 October 11, 2013 16:09:31

The Walking Dead returns on Sunday (recaps start Monday) and to “celebrate”, Rolling Stone has Officer Rick himself, Andrew Lincoln, on the cover, as well as new interviews with the cast. I say “celebrate” with electrical sarcasm because has any recent television show squandered more potential than The Walking Dead? The pilot was incredible but over three seasons the show has devolved into a hate-watch for many people, good mostly for spawning memes of the show’s more boneheaded characters Full Story

They gave a cover to Carl

Sarah Posted by Sarah at July 18, 2013 19:47:24 July 18, 2013 19:47:24

Entertainment Weekly is featuring a season four preview of The Walking Dead this week—no doubt a tie in to the show’s appearance tomorrow at Comic-Con—and they have three special covers. One is Officer Rick, one is resident badass Daryl, and the third is Carl. CARL. Everyone hates Full Story

The Walking Dead 3.15: “You’re family, too”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 25, 2013 14:30:28 March 25, 2013 14:30:28
Courtesy AMC

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 15 recap I love that everyone’s reaction to Andrea being captured by the Governor was, “Ugh, whatever, she deserves it.” Andrea has had about a hundred chances to get away from the Governor, either by killing him or just switching sides and rejoining Rick & Co. Full Story

The Walking Dead 3.14: Why is stupid Andrea still alive?

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 18, 2013 14:31:05 March 18, 2013 14:31:05
Courtesy AMC

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 14 recap Three more episodes and we’re through with The Walking Dead for a while. These seasons are too long—I was ready to be done with this season about four episodes ago. But this also means that we’re getting into final act, and stuff happening, so there MAY BE SPOILERS. Full Story

The Walking Dead 3.13: “We’re going to war”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 11, 2013 13:57:08 March 11, 2013 13:57:08
Courtesy AMC

The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 13 recap. I’m having my issues with this season, but I enjoyed the hell out of last week’s episode. It was everything good about The Walking Dead, answering the age-old question “whatever happened to Morgan, anyway”, and it proved that the show is at its best when it’s on the move. Full Story

The Walking Dead 3.12: “You Can Go On”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at March 4, 2013 15:22:15 March 4, 2013 15:22:15

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 12 recap We’re hitting the final five episodes of The Walking Dead and I have decided these sixteen-episode seasons are too long. If the show was more consistent we wouldn’t notice the drag but it’s not and so we do. Even though season three started off strong, it, too, has fallen victim to the doldrums. Full Story

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The Walking Dead 3.11: “This is a tomb”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 25, 2013 23:08:30 February 25, 2013 23:08:30

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 11 recap. I’m watching this immediately following an uneven, horribly directed Oscar telecast that felt like it took all year. I’m hopped up on caffeine and a little cranky and feeling like I have no patience for stupid Andrea and Woodbury. Which is a problem because this episode has a lot of Andrea and Woodbury. Full Story

The Walking Dead 3.10: “Lori is horrible even from the grave”

Sarah Posted by Sarah at February 18, 2013 14:52:19 February 18, 2013 14:52:19
Courtesy AMC

The Walking Dead, Season 3, Episode 10 recap. So Rick is losing his goddamn mind because Lori is horrible even from the grave. Let’s resume. Oh look, Michonne is sneaking out. I get that they’re trying to play her up as mysterious and distrustful, et cetera, but at some point she’s going to have to start talking at least a little and get some character development going. Full Story