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Try the Santa Clarita Diet

February 10, 2017 16:38:50 Posted at February 10, 2017 16:38:50
Sarah Posted by Sarah
NBC/ Getty Images

Sheila and Joel are an average suburban couple with average suburban problems. Their teenage daughter, Abby, wants a car they can’t really afford, their realty business is maybe not so hot, and upon finding his wife’s dead body in an open house’s bathroom, Joel is a little excited. Full Story

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Timothy Olyphant went somewhere

February 2, 2017 17:42:54 Posted at February 2, 2017 17:42:54
Sarah Posted by Sarah
Wenn, FameFlynet

I know nothing really matters today except for Beyoncé’s pregnancy Glamour Shots, but the premiere of Santa Clarita Diet was last night and Very Handsome Man Timothy Olyphant was there, being very handsome—we’re reaching the “silver fox” stage of Olyphant’s hotness. Full Story

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Understatement: Sarah didn’t like Mother’s Day

April 28, 2016 18:38:21 Posted at April 28, 2016 18:38:21
Sarah Posted by Sarah
FameFlynet, Raymond Hall/ Brad Barket/ Getty Images

I am not a mother. I am not qualified to speak to the joys, trials, and triumphs of motherhood. But I have seen the movie Mother’s Day, so I know all about pain, desperation, despair, and the deep abiding shame that comes from watching silently as another human being is repeatedly humiliated for the prurient pleasures of others. Full Story

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Timothy Olyphant appears

March 16, 2016 18:45:53 Posted at March 16, 2016 18:45:53
Sarah Posted by Sarah
Steven A Henry/ Getty Images

Lainey usually hogs the Timothy Olyphant photos but she let me have these new shots of Olyphant on stage because I miss Justified so terribly and this is usually the time of year when I’m recapping Justified but there is no more Justified to be recapped and I’m sad. But here’s the next best thing—Timothy Olyphant in a flannel shirt and cowboy boots, looking very Raylan Givens-ish during the opening night of Kenneth Lonergan’s new play, Hold on to Me Darling. Full Story

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Jennifer Aniston…by request

September 1, 2015 16:02:51 Posted at September 1, 2015 16:02:51
Lainey Posted by Lainey
FameFlynet, INFphoto.com/ Ryan Turgeon/ Splash News

The last time I posted photos of Jennifer Aniston on the set of Mother’s Day, mentioning that Timothy Olyphant is playing her ex-husband in the movie, I got yelled at. Some of you were pissed that I didn’t include photos of him. OK but there were no photos of him that day. There are now. Full Story

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Jennifer Aniston’s newlywed Mother’s Day

August 27, 2015 18:19:35 Posted at August 27, 2015 18:19:35
Lainey Posted by Lainey
FameFlynet, AKM-GSI/ Splash News

Fresh off her wedding and honeymoon, Jennifer Aniston is back at work, seen here in Atlanta on the set of Mother’s Day, directed by Garry Marshall. You’ll recall, Garry Marshall also directed Valentine’s Day and New Year’s Eve. It’s almost like he doesn’t know that holidays are already schmaltzy. Full Story

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Justified 6.13: “We dug coal together”

April 15, 2015 13:51:00 Posted at April 15, 2015 13:51:00
Sarah Posted by Sarah

Justified Season 6, Episode 13 recap SPOILERS I started recapping Justified in season 3, and it turns out I miscounted Raylan’s body count, missing some unnamed henchmen from season one. I’ve had it at twenty-one, but it’s actually twenty-seven. Well, twenty-eight, by the end. Full Story

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Justified 6.9: “A civil conversation”

March 18, 2015 13:55:37 Posted at March 18, 2015 13:55:37
Sarah Posted by Sarah
Frazer Harrison/ Michael Kovac/ Getty Images

Justified Season 6, Episode 9 recap.  Wynn Duffy is the rat! OF COURSE HE IS. In retrospect, who else could it be? He mentioned being around back when Grady Hale was killed, and sure enough, the unsealed files from Simon Poole’s original investigation reveal that Wynn was his CI. With Ava’s loyalty wavering, Raylan, Brooks, and Art visit Wynn and flip him to their side. Full Story

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