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Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 15, 2013 15:33:14 August 15, 2013 15:33:14

Tom Brady was injured yesterday during Patriots practice. A subsequent MRI came back negative. It’s a sprain. He’ll be fine. They’ll rest him until week 1 and it’ll be fine. As Boston unclenches, a little. Losing Brady would be a monumental setback. Like, that’s the season, you know? Don’t come with your Tim Tebow either. Do not come with your Tim Tebow.

Athletes can be very superstitious, so much so that I wonder whether or not they’re Chinese, raised by the Squawking Chicken. It’s not just Bull Durham either. Streaks are mysterious, nebulous, sometimes supernatural. There’s no other way to explain Michael Jordan, Steffi Graf (!), Tiger Woods, Wayne Gretzky – when certain players are “in the zone”, they say they’re almost unconscious, elevated by the perfect combination of preparation and talent to perform in a way that defies explanation. Even they can’t explain it.

But they are constantly looking for ways to recreate it. To capture it. And they’re also constantly looking to eliminate obstacles to it. Because you don’t want to f-ck with that. They don’t want to f-ck with that. They will even not have sex so as not to f-ck with that.

So here we have Tom Brady, who just had a very close call. Like the universe sent him a warning. For what?

How’s this?

Brady got caught. And the internet GIFed it.

And then his wife came to see him.

And then his knee buckled. 

Keep your eyes on the ball?

Oh stop. Don’t get all huffy. It’s jokes. Pure jokes. Doesn’t mean anything. Everyone looks. Even the husband of Gisele Bundchen looks. Tom Brady just might want to get better at not getting caught looking. Think of it like a skill. Think of it like a play-fake. Brady is GREAT at the play-fake. Now he needs to improve on his creeping.

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