Anniversary Invitation

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 4, 2007 13:05:21 December 4, 2007 13:05:21

They were married a little over a year ago and we now know how they’ve been spending their 1st anniversary. But of course we do. I recall writing that we’d be privy to their celebrations in no time. And indeed we are. Just like their wedding…the world has been invited.

And the GMD is rich enough to secure privacy. Trust.

But still… those savvy paps always know where to find them.

So first it was Germany last week at the Bambi Awards where Katie debuted her controversial new bob – some love, some hate. My friend Lara loves and is threatening to cut her own long, luscious locks for the same. Lara is famous for her hair. We told her she was talking out of her ass.

Then the GMD and Robobride were off to Italy! As you can see, somehow the paps located them on a snowmobile in the mountains, capturing Tom thrusting his convincing hetero muscles and protecting young KatE from the bad bad danger. Needless to say, the clever clever photographers also managed to shoot them kissing.

How timely and convenient and serendipitous. Xenu loves serendipity.

Next destination – currently London where the Cruises enjoyed dinner and once again were unable to elude paparazzi. But I do love Katie’s ensemble…you?

It’s the new Camelot! Xenu-style!

PS. When will Katie turn up to support Posh at the Spice Girls? They hit LA this week and word is, the celebrity turn out is going to be mayjah. Can the GMD resist the photo op?


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