Little Sci Goes to a Party

Lainey Posted by Lainey at April 23, 2007 12:00:00 April 23, 2007 12:00:00

Little Sci turned 1 last Wednesday – same day as Grier Henchy, 2nd daughter of Brooke Shields, with whom the GMD famously feuded over postpartum depression. Not known whether or not Little Sci had a xenu-themed birthday party of her own but she did show up at Grier’s party on Saturday along with her parents looking cuter than ever. And seemingly fascinated by the big box with the big bow - so adorable I can’t stand it.

So what are Tom and Katie like inside a party? I’m told it’s super schmooze. Apparently he can’t rest until he talks to everyone, introduces himself first – Hi, I’m Tom. Firm handshake, big teeth, very enthusiastic, charming… at first. Very charming. And then supposedly it goes from charming to disarming – the eyeballs, they say. Everything that’s said, even if it’s just “wow, the strawberries are so fresh!” is met with intensity, serious staring without reprieve. I mean, I guess we’re told never to break eye contact, and we all try, but at some point, you gotta blink or look down briefly and come back up – it’s more natural that way, non? Oh no…but not the GMD. The GMD doesn’t break, doesn’t waver. The GMD is present with you from beginning to end, whatever the subject. And when it’s both of them, both he and the RoboBride being present with you together - two heads, two hearts, four eyes bearing into yours - suffice to say it’s a rather trippy experience.

But hey, call me Cruise… creepy to me might be genuine and sincere to you. Maybe I’m just Cruise.

As for future plans, rumour has it, Katie was exceptionally loud and gushy this weekend – emoting at high volume about how quickly time flies, how she can’t believe it’s been a year, about how she misses the newborn phase, how Little Sci isn’t a baby anymore, and about how she can’t wait to have another. Can’t wait. Repeatedly can’t wait. Waiting for Second Sci…hopefully early 2008?

Will keep you posted…

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