GMD & Robo: Photo Assumption Fight!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 13, 2009 13:37:05 August 13, 2009 13:37:05

It's our favourite game! Drawing conclusions basely solely, therefore meaningless, on photo assumption. What does the GMD's body language suggest?

Here's Tom Cruise in Australia with Katie Holmes and Little Sci. According to the photographer, the GMD made his wife and his daughter wait for him while he chatted up some fans. Katie was all pissy pants by the time he returned. They supposedly snapped at each other and then he appeared to storm exasperatedly up the street while she trailed behind.

I know Photo Assumption is questionable but these photos are much more telling than the usual, especially since he normally presents like everything is perfect: the doting, tender husband.

And now he's walking ahead of her, running his hands through his hair.

You know it must be sh-t if the GMD can’t hold his sh-t. He had some dude spit on him on a carpet once and managed to stay relatively calm. That’s the effect of Xenu hypnosis. He only has one level.

So this body language, this obvious frustration, and her permanent scowl…is Robo stepping out of line? Is her auditing wearing off? Too much time Down Under. He’ll send her back to Church soon.

PS. He doesn’t look too bad in those skinny jeans.

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