Little Sci Almost 2!

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 27, 2008 13:51:00 March 27, 2008 13:51:00

The world has been clamouring for more Little Sci, especially since it seems the GMD and Robobride have kept her tucked away for quite some time now, supposedly because they want to jack up the value of her 2nd birthday photos.

Attached – scans from a German magazine (thanks to German readers for the tip) of the most recent photo of Little Sci taken at an LA park. As usual, because Tom is Tom, he is clearly super intense about holding on to his kid, just as he’s super intense about everything he does. Which kinda scares me.

Imagine waking up to him with his eyes buggin’ out every morning, all intense and happy and sh*t and rarin’ to go?


Still… Little Sci is the cutest. Long and lanky - she will be tall like mom, non? And beautiful. Looks like she’s developing an adorable French pout. Love.

photo from source

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