Her Madgesty’s Stalker?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 9, 2008 12:31:22 July 9, 2008 12:31:22

It started out that they’re having an affair. Now it just sounds like Madonna has a stalker. And his name is Alex Rodriguez. Loser!

Us Weekly blew open the story last week, the first to report on A-Rod’s surprising friendship with the Madge. From there it’s been a full on avalanche despite strong and specific denials on Madonna’s part insisting that she is not romantically involved with him and Cynthia Rodriguez’s attorney confirming that their relationship was not sexual.

But the gossip surrounding the situation has been relentless and now more details from Us Weekly are emerging about how A-Rod really feels about Her Madgesty.

In short… he’s obsessed.

Apparently in February he told one of his friends that she was his “soulmate”. And immediately after the birth of his daughter, he took off to see Madonna leaving his wife and newborn baby alone.

Where the magazine gets it wrong however is on the Madonna spin, claiming that her friends think that A-Rod is “totally her type”. Clearly they don’t know the bitch.

He’s hot, sure. But Madge’s men have never been lovesick puppies, prone to proclamations of “soulmation” after two or three dates. Please!

As for her friends approving – would Gwyneth Paltrow approve of Alex Rodriguez? Would Stella McCartney??? A professional athlete? Over an Englishman? Please!

You know I love Janice Min. You know Us Weekly is my favourite. But never forget the Tabloid Wars. Us Weekly has been waging a bitter fight on several fronts and People Magazine has always been one of its adversaries.

Madonna keeps releasing her official statements to People. As such, Us Weekly keeps trying to tear them down.

In the past though, Us Weekly had some kick ass reporters, their sh*t was tight. But in the last couple of months, some of their most savvy smuthounds have been lured away by other outlets. Ken Baker now writes for eonline.com. And one of their best Joey Bartolemeo has defected to People. You will note also that more and more, Us has been featuring reality lame asses on their covers. Like the most recent one with some old Bachelor and his new fiancé. WTF?

It is a season of change for Us Weekly… patience while Janice rides it out. She’ll be in top form again by September though. Trust.

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