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Duana Posted by Duana at July 22, 2013 19:27:01 July 22, 2013 19:27:01

Okay, the Veronica Mars Kickstarter–funded movie trailer appeared on Saturday with the cast appearance at Comic-Con, complete with what we used to call an EPK (Electronic Press Kit) years ago – clips from the cast and Rob Thomas to get us hyped up.

And I’m hyped – but not by the trailer, exactly.

Is that weird? I am relishing seeing everyone 10 years older, particularly Wallace, as in Helloooo, Wallace, where’ve you been. I love the few moments that are true to our characters. Weevil has a wife! Mac has a new funky haircut and, apparently, a blog!  Oh, and my beloved Enrico looks so young relative to all the one-time teenagers he used to hang around with.

But the plot stuff – what they showed of it – isn’t for me. Not that I’m not sure it’s going to be a great story, but the business about Piz going back to Neptune with Veronica, and the fact that Madison figures so much into the proceedings, and the stuff about “hello, Gia” - it all felt more like a parade of familiar faces than it did intrigue. Like, maybe I’m wrong, but I hope the mystery in question is bigger than just Neptune, or than the class reunion. I want to see this be Veronica’s toughest situation yet. I want to see her get into serious trouble.

Because she’s cocky, when she’s talking to Jamie Lee Curtis (!) about her resume.  She’s a big New York lawyer, as we hear Keith tell us. That’s all fine, but I want life to have gotten Veronica a little, you know? To believe that she’s a different woman at 27 than she was at 17. Less sure of herself, and also more so. You know, like an adult.

But then, that smile she lets out when she and Logan are driving over the bridge –she’s not all hard yet. There’s Marshmallow in there somewhere. Let’s hope there’s enough.

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