Hint from Posh?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 2, 2012 17:07:36 August 2, 2012 17:07:36

Victoria Beckham just tweeted this photo of a tricked out microphone with the caption: Look what I found!!

As you know, there’s been a lot of talk about a Spice Girls reunion at the Closing Ceremony - click here for a refresher. Posh was the cockblocker holding up the confirmation. Stay on that beam Gabby just the dismount now... GO! YEAH! So is this a hint? Does this mean she’s finally agreed? Will Posh be posing while the other 4 are singing on stage to close the London Games?

Here’s a good Posh story sent in by reader Emil and Emma who met Victoria and David in England last week:

So my friend and i, went to a pub, and sat outside, when my freind says; "OMG, turn around slowly, The Beckham's are sitting behind us"!! I thought she is taking the mickey, and i turn around hastily, and only meters away there they are! VB, Becks, her parents, his sister, and their two kids. Just chatting like any ordinary family, no bodyguards even! The Pub is near their estate, but you rarely bump into them. Victoria was totally normal, laughing, joking around with the gang, and even at one point telling one of her sons off for something they did. And she wore FLATS, she was so cute, but even normally dressed down, she stand out, i cant explain it, but its the x factor. And she was TINY! Like i can put you in my pocket tiny!

David was super lovely as well, tons of laughs, so at one point, as i was looking at  them, my eye meets Victoria's as she looks my way, so she gives me a Julia Roberts wide smile, that is when i decide to go and ask if i can have a photo with them. She says hi, looks me straight in the eye, and goes "I'm so sorry, but i just had an oxygen facial (she was red in the face, with no make-up), and really wouldn't like to be photographed like this". She was lovely though, kept apologizing, and it wasnt a bitchy way of telling someone no! SO then she turns around and calls David over to pose with us instead, and SHE offers to take the photo. He comes up straight off, and i cant tell you how stunning this man is in real life, even more so! SO this is us two with him, Victoria took the photo. (see attached)

I don’t think I can sh-t on her for that though, can you?

I mean she said no because she knew it would end up on Facebook or Twitter. And then she’d have to deal with us assholes bitching at her red face. Call it self-preservation. And besides, offering up her husband as consolation was a pimp move.

Speaking of David...

His Esquire UK pictures are killing me. Is that thermal underwear? Longjohns? Leggings? Whatever. It’s hot. It’s all hot. And...there’s video. Click here to see.

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