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And this is good.

I was skeptical about it at first – click here for more. After all, Anna Wintour relenting to allow Victoria Beckham on the cover of her magazine? It seemed premature. Anna would want to drag that sh-t out for years. She would find it distasteful, Mrs Beckham’s enduring chav.

And so despite industry reports that virtually confirmed Posh for October Vogue, turns out Anna had nothing to do with it. Instead, Joe Zee and American Elle.

This will be the 2nd time Posh has posed for Elle USA. To revisit her previous appearance and images images from January 2008 click here and here. Space Spice in Paris, remember?

Now Victoria is a designer. And Elle is a fan of the creations, featuring the collection on its website and calling it “wearable, attainable, crazy-glamorous”.

Sure, whatever you say, but is this the best cover they could offer?

The tits are objectionable. As for how she “keeps that hard body” – please. We all know the answer to this. Elle Magazine however will try to tell us she works out.

Again, I refer you to Jane Bussmann’s brilliantly hilarious book The Worst Date Ever. She used to write these articles. She used to write them withOUT having talked to the celebrity.

But while Posh basks in the glory of a second spotlight in Elle, she must know then that it’ll be at least, at the very, very least 6 months before Anna would even consider it for Vogue. Considering for Anna means allowing her assistant to send a form letter email response.

It’s my favourite: Anna Wintour’s rejection of Victoria Beckham, may it last and last.

Here’s Posh with her boys yesterday celebrating Romeo’s birthday. He’s 7. Great style. And then there’s his baby brother Cruz who clearly loves the spotlight. This kid kills me.

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