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Jacek Posted by Jacek at October 3, 2011 14:02:41 October 3, 2011 14:02:41

Welcome to the new LaineyGossip.com! We’ve been working away at it for what seems like forever but it’s finally launched and we hope you like what you see.  Other than the obvious face lift, there are a few new features and a few upgrades that many of you emailed about over the last couple of years.  I’ll outline those below.  And there are still some additions coming, including a re-launch of the mobile site (and apps…soon) but we felt the viewing experience on the new site is much better and it was time to go live.

So what’s new?

First, the redesign marks the official launch of the LifeStyle section (accessible in the top menu).  Sasha’s advice and fashion posts will now have an exclusive home within this section.  So check back often as she’ll have a new column every day.  We’ll also update the section with [whichever city’s] Fashion Week content and other “non-Hollywood” items.  We hope you’ll make a habit of visiting LaineyLifeStyle as frequently as you hit the main gossip page.   And we hope to update Books more often as well.

As for Gossip, navigation will be the same as the old site.  The intro will always lead the column for the day but we have added a thumbnail strip along the top that will update with the newest articles (left to right).  This way you can hit the home page and know when something new has been added without having to scroll below the intro.

Photo thumbnails are bigger.  And more uniform in the sense that if there are more than 7 photos in an article, you’ll see a link below the thumbnails notifying you that there are more photos within the article (e.g. VIEW ALL 12 PHOTOS).   

We’ve also found a way to prevent photos from opening underneath a YouTube video (most of the time).  It might happen occasionally but there’s a process for it, so assuming we follow it you shouldn’t see the overlap anymore.

Moving from article to article is easier now, especially when you go from one day to the next.   You will no longer have to go back to the home page to access a previous day’s posts.  The new navigation will move you right from one day to the next.  

Archived articles are also easier to access.  Go to the ‘Archives’ tab at the top and use the calendar to select a date range.  Your query will retrieve the old smut you’re looking for.

“Top Reads” in the right column below the Freebie 5 will be a collection of Lainey’s picks of the four biggest stories over the last couple of days.  If you only have a few minutes to catch up on what you’ve missed at the end of the day, the stuff you can’t miss will be highlighted there.   We’ve also updated the Celeb list right beside it to be a little more visually appealing, and that list will be a collection of the 14 most frequently discussed celebs over the last few weeks.   So in a sense it will be a barometer of who’s been making news lately.

There are a number other little tweaks that we’ll let you discover for yourself.   

There are still a few things to do.  The “New on Lainey” RSS feature above the Freebie 5 will rotate in LifeStyle and Books posts when we finish it.  Right now it will just show the newest Gossip items.  The right column within the LifeStyle and Books will also get some updates.  The ‘Press’ page needs to be updated, as well as a few other maintenance-type pages.  

The biggest outstanding piece is to update our mobile site and for you app freaks, yes, we will have an app soon.  I’m told mobile will take a week or two and for now, you’ll be directed to the main site on your mobile units.  Apps will be a little longer but they’re definitely on the agenda.

Big thanks to our web guys at Ridiculously Creative for the new look.  We hope you like it.  

PS…You might have to refresh  this morning because the new site will need to replace your old cookies (etc.), so if things look a bit wonky just be patient.  And refresh.

**UPDATE** We are aware that your Freebie 5 and general account functionality is moody at best this morning.  The web folks are working on that as well as a password reset/email link.  Thanks for your patience.   And don't re-register.  All your profiles have been transferred but it wasn't something we could test until we went live.  Stay tuned...

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