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Dear Gossips,

Have you read the new VOGUE profile of Wendi Deng Murdoch yet? I saved it for last night after Jezebel made a list yesterday of all the famous art and business and celebrity and sport world names that are checked in the piece.

The last time I posted about Wendi it was back in March amid rumours that she was dating Vladimir Putin. She tells VOGUE she’s never even met him. But that comes at the very end, after the writer spends all kinds of time telling us how many and how much people like her, because she brings them all together, connecting the money to those who need money, the creators to those who have cash, the Americans and the Chinese. These two sentences are my favourite:

She is both by instinct and by training a businessperson, with an acute sense for picking the right companies for the new economy. The Chinese businessmen—she has collected them all.

So, basically, Wendi Murdoch is the Taylor Swift of rich-ex-wives-turned-money-matchmakers.

This is definitely not the profile of Wendi that was published in Vanity Fair in 2014. VOGUE makes mention of that article but only to point out that it was hurtful to Wendi, with a quote from Diane Von Furstenberg suggesting that most of what was reported was untrue. Please note, however, that Wendi has helped recruit many young and wealthy new supporters through her work with the Costume Institute and remember, Anna Wintour presides over the MET Gala. Anna is also Artistic Director at Conde Nast which publishes both VOGUE and Vanity Fair. What’s the point of privilege if you can’t cash in on favours and/or collect on your debts?

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