Ryan Gosling, presenter?

Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 5, 2012 17:43:19 December 5, 2012 17:43:19

Ryan Gosling met up with a friend/business associate for lunch yesterday at Gjelina in Venice. That’s the restaurant where you’re not allowed to request modifications to their menu items, like dressing on the side. Click here for a refresher.

Ryan returns to theatres in a month in Gangster Squad which is junketing next weekend. The film was originally supposed to open this fall but was pushed back to a January opening after the Aurora tragedy. Junket is next weekend and the premiere is January 11....

Golden Globes weekend.

And they usually trot out their stars at these events to promote the releases. The logical choice would be to have Ryan present with co-star Emma Stone. There’s no question the Hollywood Foreign Press Association would want them. And Emma’s game for anything, schedule permitting. It really depends on him, and whether or not he wants to get out there in his tuxedo and have his picture taken and be screamed at and fawned over on the award circuit. He’s done it before, for projects he’s really, really passionate about, but Gangster Squad...um...

Here’s the trailer. 


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