The red carpet “pattern” of the Smiths

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Oh look. It’s Duana’s new obsession, the Smith Family. Click here to read her post yesterday on Will and Jaden Smith’s interview with Vulture. It’s all about “patterns”, see?

On the red carpet, the parents wear bright colours while the children stick to black and white.

Patterns, right?



F-ck if I know. Reading War And Peace in Russian would be easier to understand.

The Smiths, obviously, were at the premiere of After Earth. A while ago, I predicted that After Earth would be the worst of the summer office. Click here for a refresher. The critics seem to agree. Reviews for After Earth so far have been dismal.

Still, there’s that Will Smith factor. And audiences at this time of year have proven to be almost dementedly tolerant of sh-tty movies. After Earth is tracking well on social media. Some outlets are forecasting between $40 - $60 million on opening weekend and just over $100 million domestically by the end. The budget for After Earth was reportedly $130 million and that, of course, doesn’t including marketing. How are you, international fans? You ready to help out again with this one?

Also attached -- for some reason, Jaden decided to dress up in an Iron Man suit while on a date with his girlfriend, one of the Kardashian teens. Must be because the Smith pattern is to never restrict artistry. Boom, again.

They’re right about Willow though. She has bomb-ass style.

Wenn, GSNY/ Splash

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