Winona on Veronica's birthday week

April 8, 2014 16:30:23 Posted at April 8, 2014 16:30:23
Lainey Posted by Lainey
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I opened yesterday with Heathers. Click here if you missed it and the Entertainment Weekly oral history celebrating the 25th anniversary of the film. To mark the milestone, we shot a Winona appreciation segment for etalk last week. Just me freestyling on why Winona is still everything after all these years.

Without Heathers, there would be no Clueless. Or Meangirls. Before Miley's pixie, there was Winona. Before Lindsay's f-ckery, there was Winona's. Before Taylor and Selena, there was Winona and Gwyneth. Before Lohan, before them all, there was Winona. Before Veronica Mars, there was Veronica Sawyer.

Here's Winona Veronica last night in New York with Bill Nighy at the premiere of Turks and Caicos. It's a television movie for BBC Two. The reviews I've read aren't great. And according to her IMDB she hasn't booked anything else. The move to television is a good one though. Winona Ryder on HBO? Come on. You'd want to see that, right?

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