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Winona Ryder, Ron Howard, and Kevin James were in Berlin today to promote The Dilemma. Vince Vaughn is not with them. At least there are no pictures of him with them. And I’m pretty sure, at the movie’s photocall, I’d be able to find a picture or two if he was there. Probably didn’t want to travel as he and his wife just had a baby.

The Dilemma opened this past weekend to $20 million at the box office, good enough for 2nd place after The Green Hornet at $40 million. I thought that wasn’t bad. Apparently the experts consider $20 million to be soft. This makes me sad. Because it’s Winona’s first turn as a leading lady in a long time. And she wanted this part badly. She auditioned for it, she beat out other famous actresses for it, and she’s said to be good in it, good in a mediocre movie. I guess it’s a classic case of Hollywood UP and Hollywood DOWN.

But, but, but, but, but…

And you know I have a soft spot for her…

She was totally out of her mind when she lifted all those designer clothes. And she paid her price and (um) stopped taking those pills. And she hasn’t f-cked up since. In public. These days… comparatively… there’s been a LOT worse. And those people keep getting second chances. With Winona though I think it’s that tinge of grief about her.

For better or worse, celebrities have to make us happy, whether we hate them or not. Hating Gwyneth makes you happy. Hating Natalie Portman makes me happy. Loving Emma Stone makes me very happy. Sh-tting on Jessica Biel is a source of happiness too.

Nothing about Winona feels happy. Real or imagined, there’s a cloud of tragic-ness that seems to float around her. It makes people want to look away. The Elle Magazine with SJP on the cover? There’s a Winona spread in there, she looks good. Then I thought to myself…

Can Winona Ryder cover a major magazine anymore?

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