Would You Rather: Pete Doherty vs Rossum

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 1, 2008 11:13:05 February 1, 2008 11:13:05

Perfect day to play Would You Rather, our favourite game using Emmy Rossum’s nauseating Rossum as the ultimate benchmark for disgust.

In one corner there’s Pete Doherty in a series of photos from 2004. Pete and his open sores are making out with some other equally damp looking dude. Definitely stomach turning.

But then there’s Emmy. We’ve been given a reprieve from her Rossum of late as she’s finally landed a new acting gig – a movie called Dragonball with Justin Chatwin and Chow Yun Fat. Poor Uncle Fat. A legend forced to work with the sickly sweet that oozes from Emmy. It’s a crime…

Anyway, test your gag reflexes on these photos taken at the Dragonball press conference recently. Yes… there it is. There’s that vomit inducing smile and the doe eyes that say – if I could have anything in the world it would be world peace and playing with puppies! Clap clap! Woo wee!

Next…have a look at a recent entry on Emmy"s blog written for the benefit of her three fans. The most Rossum parts are highlighted:

Hey guys,

We are back in Durango shooting today. I had an hour off last night before bedtime and I found the Durango Walmart Supercenter. Let me just say, I love Walmart. They literally have everything. Growing up in New York City, we didn"t really have Walmart near by, so now I can really appreciate the beauty of Walmart and am taking advantage of this one! I got an xbox to occupy some downtime in the trailer. I"ve never been much of a video gamer, but I like the adventure games and the shooting games might help my hand/eye coordination for the gun sequences in the film. I picked up a few games not really knowing what I was buying and when I started playing one I realized I had picked up "Stranglehold" starring Chow Yun Fat! Based on the John Woo movie "Hard Boiled," the graphics are incredible, he jumps, flies and shoots in slow-mo, very John Woo, very cool. I feel a little shy to tell him I"m playing him on a video game, to tell him how cool it is!

Speaking of hand/eye coordination I recently had the opportunity to go to a shooting range with some marines who instructed me and let me practice shooting different kinds of guns, pistols, handguns, shotguns (man those slugs kick back!). They were as surprised as I was that I was actually a good shot. The boys jokingly suggested that I take the test and become a marine. I"m such a pacifist and this was my first time ever shooting a gun. I"m keeping the paper targets so I can remember the experience.

Flying back on the helicopter to Durango, our pilot was Eric, a great guy who has been in the Mexican Air Force for 14 years. He explained a lot to me about the Durango-en countryside. You remember those terracotta colored farms I was mentioning two days ago? They are actually all BEAN farms! Durango is one of the biggest bean producers in the world, and I believe it, cause catering gives us beans at ever meal! We flew over lots of farms, saw horses and cattle and sheep (OH MY!) and I even got to see a silver factory. I am really enjoying myself here shooting in Mexico. Well, back to set, Justin Chatwin is looking over my should as I type and he says "Hi!" ?



PS: Thank you to the fans who drove all the way to our hotel in Torreon and then another hour to our set in the desert. When I came out of my hotel in Torreon at 5am they were there, and said they had been waiting since 10pm the previous evening! They followed us to set where I saw them again at lunchtime and invited them to have lunch with our crew after they said they were a little hungry. Anyway, I just really wanted to say thank you for your loyalty and your support. I really appreciate it! I wouldn"t be here without you.

PPS: I"m trying to start an on set video-blog-diary, but I"m not too good with my camcorder yet and my shots look a bit like "Cloverfield" at the moment. So bear with me and I hope I can get it working soon! xx

Seriously... ho the F&CK says "Oh My!" ????

So now the challenge.  Would You Rather:

Be on the receiving end of Pete Doherty’s sickly kiss…or be friends with Emmy Rossum.

I"m telling you, I’d make out with Pete Doherty any day over getting raped by Emmy’s sugar.

Emmy photos from blogs.hoycinema.com/

Pete photos from www.towleroad.com

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