Birthday Idris

September 6, 2017 14:22:53 by Lainey

Today is Idris Elba’s birthday. He’s 45 years hot as f-ck. Last night he pre-celebrated at the GQ Men of the Year party in London where he hung out with Pele. Oh and Rita Ora. That’s the only way Rita Ora makes it onto the site now – when she gets in on a photo with someone notable.

Last week Idris was still wearing a brace on his leg over his pants. He would never do that to a tux though. Are you enjoying him in this tux? His gift to you on his own birthday. Idris has to travel soon and travelling with an injury sucks. It’ll be today or tomorrow though that he’ll be heading to Toronto for two films at TIFF. The first, Molly’s Game, premieres on Friday night. On Sunday night he’ll be with Kate Winslet for The Mountain Between Us. You know who’s also in town this weekend?

Angelina Jolie. Have we ever discussed this? Have we ever wanted it? Why don’t we want it? What are the reasons against Gossip Genie-ing Angelina Jolie and Idris Elba? You can’t go from Brad Pitt to… Scott Eastwood. There’s either sideways or up. Idris is definitely at least a sideways – if not a straight up – on Brad Pitt, non?

David M Benett/ Getty Images

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