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Dear Gossips,

Let’s start the day off right: with SEX. Because for the last 24 hours or so, since about 1015pm ET on Sunday night, we’ve been talking about sex. Have you heard? 16.5 million people watched the Game Of Thrones Season 7 finale, a record for the series. And the per episode average this season has been 31 million viewers when all viewing platforms are totaled. Many of those viewers are debating whether or not that sex scene was OK. Specifically whether or not they should feel OK about it. Newsweek actually talked to a psychosexual therapist about the situation: is it ok to ship them? According to him, as long as you understand that it’s fantasy. As long as you can keep the fantasy where it is and not go around wanting to bone within your bloodline.  

A couple of weeks ago, Roxane Gay wrote about sexual fantasies for InStyle. It’s a beautiful essay on lust, and female lust in particular, and how society polices the way women want, the way we desire, the way we NEED sex. That, too often, while male lust is generally acceptable in all kinds of spaces, the only acceptable form of lust for a woman is domestic and functional and if they challenge those boundaries, they might find themselves criticised for “wanting to be wanted”. Like that’s not an understandable human need, no matter the gender.


Then, hilariously, Roxane writes about how, no longer bound by the social expectations of contained desire, she frequently desire-imagines herself with Channing Tatum. Which reminds me…

This is not the first time Roxane Gay has mentioned Channing Tatum. Did you read her review from a couple of years ago of Magic Mike XXL? If not, prepare yourself. It’s a scream. I don’t have just one favourite part. The whole thing is my favourite part. Like this part:

Magic Mike gives Big Dick Richie (Sidebar/backstory: he has such a big dick he can’t find a woman who can accommodate him. I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!) a little inspirational speech and when they stop at a convenience store, Big Dick Richie decides he’s going to make a disinterested lady clerk smile. “I Want it That Way,” by the Backstreet Boys starts playing but BDR allows himself to feel the music and soon he is doing the damn thing. There is a great ejaculatory moment involving a water bottle. Note that he is wearing gray sweatpants, clever costuming detail.

When he’s done, BDR asks the clerk how much for the Cheetos he ripped open and the water and she smiles and he feels so good about himself. (See: Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.)


Click here to revisit Roxane’s review of Magic Mike XXL and why it’s a celebration of female desire. And click here to read Roxane’s most recent essay about accepting female desire. Hope you have a horny day.

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