Summer starts with a Rise and ‘Squeeze’

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 12, 2014 16:07:45 June 12, 2014 16:07:45

Summmerrrrrrrr!!!!!! And golf!!!!!!!

Why I play golf: it’s fun and I’m pretty good. Also, five hours of straight tanning my legs.

What’s in my golf bag: my phone, sunscreen, bug spray, almonds, and vitaminwater zero.

I wrote the labels for the Canadian launch of the first 4 vitaminwater flavours a couple of years ago and this past fall, I was asked to do it again for the newest additions to the vitaminwater zero line-up: rise and squeezed.

Rise is a naturally sweetened, zero calorie version of essential (orange flavour) and is so good. Rise is my favourite…not only because of the taste but because orange is my lucky fruit right now. And I need my lucky fruit on the golf course. 

Squeezed is a lemonade taste explosion (zero calorie version of multi-v) that, while awesome on its own, I like to mix with some vodka after the round, give it a little kick, especially if I’m celebrating a few pars and a score below 100.  To tell you the truth, this, um, doesn’t happen often enough.  But there’s always that one shot you make during a round of golf that keeps you coming back. No matter how much my round sucks, that one shot makes me think I should keep playing. This summer, the goal is to get below 95. So I’m well stocked on hydration – for on and off the course.

Rise and squeezed are naturally sweetened.  Both are calorie free.  Both are delicious and they’re great to have when you’re hosting the BBQ. 

Want to try one (or a case) on me?  I’m giving away a flat of each new flavour to five readers.  If you’re interested in some Rise and Squeezed refreshment to hand out to your friends (or hoard all for yourself), email [email protected] with “Rise and Squeezed” as the title before midnight Pacific on Friday, June 13, 2014.  Five names will be drawn and contacted by email.  Standard contest rules apply.   Good luck!

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