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May 27, 2010 08:27:03 Posted at May 27, 2010 08:27:03
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If you hate Gwyneth, and most of you do, you will DESPISE the new GOOP. But you will also read every word. Because it’s about home design. And there are a million home design shows on tv for a reason. Don’t lie. You’re already looking at the pictures.

So Gwyneth moved her family to Nashville for a couple of months to shoot a movie earlier this year. It’s 8 weeks! On an independent movie budget! And she makes it sound like it’s welfare styles. Yeah, the kind of welfare that can accommodate completely renovating a loft. Movie stars are so economical. Instead of slumming it in a furnished space for a while though, oh no, G had to hire a specialist and create the most beautiful not-permanent home ever.

It’s gorgeous. It’s modern. And I love modern. I’m not a light wood and oak person. At the same time it’s warm. And elegant. And not cheap. That’s a $3,000 bed that she slept in for 2 months. Click here to look inside G’s Nashville temp loft.

And here are photos of G heading to the National Movie Awards afterparty last night. She presented the icon award to Tom Cruise with whom she worked on Austin Powers, was it 3? I really did love that opening sequence. Backstage G and the GMD and Katie talked about kids, what else?, and laughed about how rich they all are.

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