As you’ve heard, Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together, staying at Diddy’s mansion in Miami. I have not written about Rihanna because it’s sad smut. Still sad smut. What happened to her is heartbreaking. Her choices are heartbreaking. And while I may not agree with them, at all, at the same time, in my opinion, she doesn’t deserve the scorn. Sympathy, yes. But scorn? Not from me.

Besides, I’d rather spend my time calling HIM a f-cking loser. Maybe if we call him a f-cking loser loud enough and often enough, it’ll help her one day take that difficult step.

Here he is, Breezy and loose, enjoying an afternoon jet skiing, smiling, relaxing with friends, having weaseled his way back. Needless to say, given the way the situation has turned in his favour, his actions will likely not result in any appropriate consequences.

He is still surrounded by sychophants, the authorities are reportedly having difficulty building a case against him, and he’s clearly enjoying the “counselling” he’s receiving by the beach in the lap of luxury flirting with a few ladies eager to pick up if Rihanna takes off.


We can consider it, sure.

But only when it’s earned.

Has it been earned?


Does he look like he’s working hard at earning it???

What’s insulting about these photographs posted below is that they were taken on Sunday… three days AFTER the first set of pictures of Chris frolicking in the ocean were released. So he knows that the paps are on him. He knows that we’ve all seen him having fun on holiday after beating down his girlfriend.

So what is he doing?

He’s flaunting.

You can’t touch me.

That’s the message, isn’t it?

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