These photos came with the following caption from the agency:

“Charlize Theron and Seth Macfarlane were seen giggling and laughing as they left dinner together at Matsuhisa Restaurant in Beverly Hills, CA”

I see Seth MarFarlane giggling, sure. I don’t see Charlize Theron giggling. I see Charlize Theron bitch-facing. I see Charlize Theron looking for something to stab. I see Charlize Theron looking for an exit. But I don’t see giggling. I don’t even see any lingering giggling.

You know why she’s not giggling? Because it is not funny when your Shame F-ck is exposed. You are not laughing when people find out who you’ve been shame f-cking. There is no joy in knowing that we know that she shame f-cks Seth MacFarlane.

Women! Mila! Charlize! Women!

We have to stop stepping out with our shame f-cks. This undermines the spirit of the shame f-ck!

Charlize and Seth were first linked after the Oscars -- click here for a refresher. Apparently she skipped Vanity Fair to go to his party and stayed close to him all night. When it went wide that the two were possibility dating, she tried to kill the gossip by revealing that they were collaborating together on a project. 

Whatever. Look at his face. Seth MacFarlane’s face. That’s the face of the easy joke:

Huh, huh, yeah, we’re collaboratin’ alright! (followed by a fist pump). Seth MacFarlane is totally that guy.

God, Charlize, what was wrong with Alexander Skarsgard?